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Lorenzo Ross


Learn more about our Graphic Novel Ilustrator and Founder of Alternative City Comics. His newest creation is "Ninja Bunny Assassin".


Votetocracy is a place where every citizen can see every bill currently in congress, vote on those bills and send those votes to their representatives. This site was created by three regular citizens that felt it was time to get engaged with American politics.

Conservative Musings


Conservative Musings is perhaps one of the best conservative blogs around today. It is provocative, intelligent, amusing and slaps the face of liberal thinking. 

Alternative City Comics
Life in the Big City
Movie Soundtrack
As we begin work on the movie: VoteTocracy: Rise of the CyberCongress, please enjoy listening to the various musical artists that are contributing to the sound track.


Wolf-Pac is an organization created by Cenk Uygur, the founder of The Young Turks. It is a bipartisian organazation to overturn the FEC vs. Citisons United Supreme court case. Wolf PAC believes that Congress is too corrupt to pass such an amendment itself, and therefore advocates a convention of the States, which is a procedure outlined in Article V of the Constitution. 

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