About Us
We are a group of self funded volunteers with a common vision, mission and passion for making a difference that will benefit all of us, not just some of us!
Our Vision:
To create a compelling set of entertainment and related licensed products consisting of a Website, Game, Novel, and Movie that challenge American politics and government. It will provide choices of exciting, fun, entertaining, or profoundly serious ways to address the frustration and disillusionment people have about our political process.  It will be an extraordinary opportunity for all of us to participate in a remarkable endeavor while having fun, meeting some incredible people and educating and empowering us all to make a real difference.


Our Values and Beliefs:
Change through Social Awareness & Participation
We are very concerned about the future of our country and our fellow citizens. We hope that our website will be a means for creating change through social awareness. It is a call to action and not a movement. It is critical that individuals understand that their opinions count and that we must participate in our democracy. The most effective way of stating a position is by exercising the privilege and right to vote.  By not voting, a person is verifying that they accept the status quo and are satisfied with the way things are.
Being Aware and Informed
In order to participate we must be aware and informed.  It is critical that we understand the issues and carefully choose our elected representatives, from a group of politicians who may or may not be true “leaders.” We are frustrated by the inability of Congress and the President to work together and get things done.
People can make a difference in the political process and government if they are motivated to create change, have information and the right tools, educate themselves on the issues, are tolerant of different points of view and learn to engage in compromise.
One of the easiest ways of raising awareness is through entertainment.  Movies, songs, books, videos, games, etc., have proven themselves as providing an opportunity to spread, relay and actively share ideas and information.  Entertainment can provide us with knowledge in a non-threatening way and motivate us to attempt to understand the complex world we all share.
We must learn to speak up and speak out. Public opinion is power. We have to let our leaders and representatives know what we are thinking and how we expect them to vote on important issues since they represent us in government and are our policy makers. We hope that our site will serve as an entertaining way for people to find their voices and move our nation forward.
Being Politically Neutral
Project Team members have different points of view, vote differently from one another in elections and belong to different political parties or are unaffiliated with any party. We do not wish to sway votes or represent one particular point of view. We want people to understand the value of being involved in the political process. Democracy is not a spectator sport!
Tolerance and Compromise
One of the challenges of today is the lack of tolerance, compromise and civility in political discourse. We have lost the ability to truly listen, understand and consider alternative viewpoints, Name calling, stigmatizing, demonizing and slandering serve no viable purpose, thus clouding political discussion, reasoning, and the true exploration of ideas.
To provide a venue for a variety of politically-related entertaining and serious opportunities that:
  • Educate and encourage people to become informed about the political process
  • Stimulate political thinking and civil debate about important issues
  • Motivate people to become involved in the political process, including voting
Our goals are ambitious:
1. We want people to share their vision for a better America now and into the future.
A. To do this, everyone has to know and understand the way people feel about our government, our  laws and our democracy. 
B. This means we all must have real and accurate data and separate fact from opinion, reality from fantasy and eliminate misinformation from all aspects on the political spectrum. 
C. We want to get people talking and interacting about issues, talking to and with each other, talking to and with lawmakers and other public officials both online and offline, by any means possible.
D. We can do this by raising awareness about how government and lawmaking are supposed to work; how they are working (or not working) now and how we can improve the process.
2. We cannot afford to lose our freedom. Ultimately, we are the people in “We the people…” 
A. We need to be able to connect with our politicians and express our views in an informed and articulate manner. We are including ways to achieve this through our website.
B. We, as constituents, must hold our politicians accountable. Our venue will provide options for this to happen.
C. We must understand the platforms of the parties, positions of our politicians and vote for those who represent our views. Elected officials are supposed to be public servants. 
3. We want the website to be viable, unbiased, current and interesting to visitors and be self-sustaining for the long run. A project of such magnitude requires people, time, resources and funding in order to succeed. This can be achieved by:
A. Self-funding by private donations/benefactors
B. Public support through donations and subscriptions
C. Crowd sourcing and/or individual investment
D. Sales of products and services
4. We embrace the idea of an “open source” marketplace. We want as many people as possible to contribute to the development, enhancement and direction of the website. This can be accomplished by:
A. Providing content for the website
B. Providing feedback
C. Providing ideas for improvement or new features and attractions
D. Inviting others through social media to contribute their ideas
E. Participating in our contests
A Brief History of the Project:
The original Go2Politics ™ Project idea began in the summer of 2010, stemming from a lengthy political discussion between the President of Solution Technology Associates, Inc (STA) and a Political Science student intern. Both individuals became intrigued with the idea of creating a fun, game-like experience to encourage the disenfranchised and frustrated public, particularly the younger generation, to become more involved with the Federal, State and Local political process.
Initial market research and discussions with individual’s in academia suggested that the game and an accompanying Website consisting of a variety of fun and serious political activities would be potentially accepted by a large segment of the American public and could evolve into a profitable venture in a relatively short period of time (2 to 3 years if done right). Due to other competing personal and professional demands, the concept was temporarily shelved.
The project was reactivated in March of 2013 when the concept was further developed by several members of STA after encouragement by potential investor sources. By late summer and early fall 2013, the development team expanded into a diverse group of highly talented and dedicated people between16 and 68+ years of age, from all walks of life, residing all over the USA. Utilizing technology, the team worked together in large and small groups, collectively addressing aspects of this rather vast and complicated endeavor. Only those with true insight into the new tools of 21st century information and global project management, coupled with Crowd Funding, Crowd Sourcing and guerrilla Social Media marketing can see that laser focus prevails, ground breaking innovation exists and the integrated set of products will succeed, yielding serious profits.

“We're a small and growing team. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas to help us define our goals, develop solutions and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet.”

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