Proposed Bill Number: CCNN-YYYYMMDD-NN


CC = CyberCommittee or CS = Cyber Senate

NN = Committee Number, 00 = Proposed by general public

YYYY = Year (e.g. 2018)

MM = Month initially proposed such as 10 would be October

DD = Day in Month initially proposed

NN = The sequential number of each bill proposed during the day, such that

         the 7th bill would be shown as 07


Prior/Related Bill No: Only complete this section if your bill to be submitted is an alternative suggested when a committee defeated a prior bill.

Title of Proposed Bill: Short Reference Title between 2-5 words (for example “Change Election Day”)

Long Title: A specific Title such as “Bill to Change Election Day to the first Saturday in November”

Sponsor: Your name goes here

Co-Sponsor: If someone is working on this with you or would handle it when you are unable to attend, enter their name here

Opposition Leader: Usually this is not known when you submit the bill. Leave it blank. The game facilitator will fill this in when the game is played.

Summary of Legislation and Major Provisions: A short paragraph detailing your bill.

Background/Reason for the bill: What issue or problem will this bill address or fix? Usually a short paragraph (for example “Voter turnout has been low in the last elections. By moving election day to a Saturday, we will increase the number of people who will show up to vote.”…)

Who will be affected the most by the Bill and How: List the segments of population or groups of constituents (e.g. Medical Profession, Farmers, People living near lakes, etc.) who will be affected by the proposed bill and how.

Facts: You will insert 3 researched facts here. Each one should have a source/reference. (For example, in 2012 only 37% of all voters actually casted votes.  New York Times, Nov 19, 2012)

Pros:  Insert three well-considered reasons this bill should be supported.

Cons: Leave this blank. Cons will be completed by the game facilitator during the game, based on reasons provided by the players.

Details: Provide three details that will need to be addressed if this bill passes. Details should be specific to get the most points. If general details are provided, less points will be given. Examples of a specific detail-“ The Federal Government will need to allocate money for County voting officials to be used to alert voters to a change in voting day. A general detail “Money will need to be spent to let voters know about a change in Election Day.”

Alternatives: Leave this blank when submitting your bill. If the bill is defeated, the game facilitator will complete this section after soliciting suggestions from the game players during the game.



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