The People’s Rights & Responsibilities Party (PRRP)

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Fashion Forward Party

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PARTY NAME:  Fashion Forward Party                                      


FOUNDED: April 1, 2014    By: Ellen Brothers


PURPOSE: To only elect people who look good in what they wear





       Not all cloths are created equal.

  • Volunteer Fashion Police will be given the opportunity and encouraged to pass out citizens citations for poor taste

  • Spandex is a privilege and not a right!

  • It is illegal for anyone weighing more than 110 pounds or above the age of 16 to wear spandex in any public setting

  • Tube tops are not only in poor taste but create a public eyesore. The EPA will take action should this occur

  • Other illegal actions include wearing or owning any garment that is lime green

  • Open toed shoes in the absence of current pedicure

  • Work-out clothes when not actually working out

  • Underwear greater than one size too small

  • Mullets in any form

  • Sunglasses at night unless one carries certification that one is blind

  • Contrasting roots that are greater than ¼’ in length


PARTY NAME: The People's Rights & Responsibilities Party (PRRP)


Founded: May 8, 2014


Purpose: To insure that the rights granted in the constitution are provided to all citizens along with the responsibility to participate in the political process.


Theme Song:


Ideal Presidential Candidate: Ben Affleck


Ideal Vice Presidential Candidate: Robin Williams


Party Symbol: Carrot and Stick


Party Slogan: "There are no individual rights without individual responsibility"



  • Participation in voting at the local, regional and federal level will be encouraged through education, civil discourse and incentives to participate or through disincentives for the choice to not participate in the process.

  • Individual voting participation will be tracked. For each election that the individual casts a vote, a tax credit will be granted

  • When an individual does not cast their vote, a tax will be added to their annual IRS filing and/or deducted from their refund.

  • Debates and town hall meetings will be conducted using substantiated factual material and data. When an opinion is provided, it will be identified as such.

  • All students upon completion of high school will be “drafted” into two years of public service. An individual may elect 2 years of military service in lieu of public service. No one will be exempt unless in the case of institutionalization for severe and intractable physical or mental disability.

  • While in this program, people will be paid a minimum wage and provided with housing.

  • Assignments will vary based upon interest, skills and needs of the community.

  • Assignments may include repair and renovation of housing, maintaining trails in national parks, serving as assistants in hospitals, schools, etc.

  • When service is complete, the individual is guaranteed at least 2 years of free technical or academic education.

  • All citizens are entitled at a minimum, to basic housing, education and healthcare.

  • We believe in tuition free public education. If a parent prefers a different model, they will be responsible for its cost. Public school funds cannot be used for for-profit charter schools.


And you can do what you want to do! Are you dissatisfied with Democrats,

Republicans and Tea Party folks? Do you really trust those "Independent"

guys and gals? Do you yearn for more that what all the other parties want

to achieve.


So why not custom design your own Political Party!!! Its free, its fun, it can be serious

or silly. Who knows? Perhaps people will "Like" your party enough to win recognition

and prizes we will be offering in the near future. Maybe the news media will notice you? Maybe you will be asked to run for Congress or even the White House because everyone wants to party with you!!!


Simply submit your idea using the New Let's Political Party Contest Form and let the people decide whether or not to "Join" you?


Winners will be announced soon. Will you be one?


FUN                     SERIOUS


Galactic Empire

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PARTY NAME:  Galactic Empire




Purpose:  To destroy the Rebel Alliance


Theme Song:


Ideal Presidential Candidate:  Emperor Palpatine


Ideal Vice Presidential Candidate:  Darth Vader


Party Symbol: 










Party Slogan: "Join the dark side."



  • No freedom of speech

  • Resistance will be punished by death

  • Everyone the follow the religion of Anti-Jediism

  • Resistance is futile

Party For Campaign Reform

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Party Name: Party For Campaign Reform


Founded by: on 9/3/2014


Purpose: To seek reform of the manner political campaigns are funded.


Platform: Campaign Finance Reform


Ideal Presidential Candidate: Ideally I think it would be someone with a lot of friends in government, an Insider if you would. I'm unsure who exactly


Ideal Vice Presidential Candidate: Someone who knows what buttons to push to see things through the senate, someone who senators on both sides respect and trust, and someone able to get things changed


Party Symbol: Flyswatter


Party Slogan: Make our representatives work for us, not for their re-election campaign.

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