The Importance of Voting



Far too few of us vote. It is a privilege to exercise one’s civic duty that many countries in the world deny to their citizens. Voting is the cornerstone of a democracy. Those who do vote are disproportionately older, more partisan and of higher income. To have a viable representative democracy we must all participate in order to make sure that our elected officials represent all of us in all of our diversity.


Only you know your own agenda, beliefs and priorities. You must vote in order to select the candidate who can best represent you and move forward those things that are important to you.


Vote so you can determine how your body is affected. Comprehensive health insurance is an example. Our elected officials decide who will get insurance and what it will cost each of us. 


Make sure you are safe. Different politicians have different ideas on how best to protect your life and your civil liberties, including privacy.


Help decide what taxes you will have to pay. Taxes are used to provide important services to us all such as police, firefighters, schools, roads, etc. Make sure the people you vote for will decide to spend your money on things that matter to you.


Only by voting can you stand up for what you believe about climate change. Our environment impacts us all very directly.


Our elected officials decide on social freedoms, restricting or protecting them. Civil rights, gay marriage, prayer in schools, and abortion access are examples of these freedoms.


Vote because you are honoring your forebears. Many of our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents came here seeking freedom and safety. They sacrificed in order to make sure we had the right to vote. There was a time when minorities were not allowed to vote and many died seeking change. It is our duty to vote honoring their commitment.


Vote because our elected officials decide who, where and when we go to war. These decisions should not be made lightly and only by voting can your opinion be made known.


By voting we protect the future for our children, grandchildren and generations yet to come. 


By not voting we are deciding that the status quo is fine. Incumbents benefit by lack of participation. If you want change, you must vote.


Vote so that you have the right to complain about our government, its leaders and our laws. We are all in this together. Please vote for the issues and for the candidates of your choice.  Your vote does count and it can affect election outcomes. In 2012 the youth vote helped Obama to win Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania. Mitt Romney would have become president had he won these states.

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