A fun and simple polling game.


Are you sick of the legislation that is passed in Congress? Or even worse, do you watch the legislation you support die an agonizing death?  Well, here’s your chance to play at politics. Propose your own legislation and see how people respond. Try your hand and your mind at “You Legislate.” This is your opportunity to act when someone says “There oughta be a law.” 


Assume you are a member of Congress and you  can create any kind of legislation that your heart desires. It can be serious or absolutely absurd. Submit your own piece of legislation, collect votes to win. Tell all your friends and associates to come to this website and support your submissions. 


Help defeat legislation that you disagree with by offering reasons and comments why people should NOT vote for it. Let's see how persuasive you can be!



Test your knowledge.


A political trivia question is posted every week by our experts.





And you can do what you want to.


Are you dissatisfied with Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party folks? Do you really trust those "Independent" guys and gals? Do you yearn for more than all the other parties have to offer?


So why not custom design your own Political Party!!! Its free, its fun, it can be serious or silly. Who knows? Perhaps people will "Like" your party enough for you to win recognition and prizes we will be offering in the near future. Maybe the news media will notice you. Maybe you will be asked to run for Congress or even the White House because everyone wants to party with you!!!



Play a great and interesting political game.


This is the first step in our Cyber Congress Game Series. You are to create, reform and enact laws as they are presented in the legislative process. Currently, the game is played using a blog as the game engine. This, of course, means that the game is played in a manual online collaborative fashion. As time goes on, we will be adding more and more gaming and animation features.


Keep in mind, we want you to become "partners" in the "Go2Politics" effort by offering suggestions and helping us to develop new website activities, games and features. Most important, tell your friends and encourage them to visit our site, try all of the features and make comments as well.

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