Our Team

Our team consists of volunteers and a few paid folks, all of whom enjoy doing their thing and are passionate about what they do. Here is a quick way to get an idea about who’s on board the Go2Politics ™ Project.  As you can see, we have talent, diversity, experience and most importantly, people who want to have fun and be part of something really cool and ground-breaking. We want to make a difference in today’s world while helping us all put some bread and perhaps occasional ice cream on our dinner tables.
Robert Luebke

President of Solution Technology Associates, Inc 


Co-founder of Go2Politics ™ Project has an MA in Education Curriculum Development, Systems Science, and Educational Research along with a BS Psychology and Doctoral Studies, at Michigan State University in Non-Formal Education and Business Management Systems. He also studied at Bedford College--London University, England and obtained Graduate Certificates from New York University, School of Business and Management: in Government Project Management, Accounting and Business Development and Marketing and Sales Management.


Mr. Luebke’s projects have included: Venture Capital support activities; International Business Development, Business Process Engineering, Value Stream Analysis, Global Enterprise Quality Systems Management; Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, ISO 9000 and Global Enterprise Project Management; developing and implementing Enterprise and Small Business Web and Client Server applications; P.C. hardware and software dealer and distributor marketing, sales and support programs; design and implementation of accounting and industry specific management information systems; computer programming services; training workshops; needs assessments; state and local government strategic planning and evaluation; statistical research and data analysis; technical writing, cost accounting, and organizational development.

Michael Tyler

Go2Politics Team Member


Michael Tyler, a creative, intelligent, successful individual with career experience that includes the Military, Education, Consulting and Music Entertainment. Not only has he written a novel to be published in the near future, he expertly plays a variety of Ethnic Percussion Instruments. Having toured many countries, he brings perspective, humor, philosophy and practicality along with a vivid imagination and creative expression. He resides in Laurel, MD. Mr. Tyler possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, a Master of Arts degree in Special Education, and he has been working toward the acquisition of a Doctoral degree in Educational Administration and Policy from Howard University.

David Goldstein

Go2Politics Team Member


David Goldstein is a multi-talented Washington, D.C. native who has worked for the Mayor’s Office and knows his way around Capitol Hill.  He is a former radio and television broadcaster with a BA in Speech and Dramatic Arts from the University of Maryland. He is an energy policy analyst, an expert in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles and is the cofounder and President emeritus of the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, D.C.  As an independent consultant, he has provided a range of services to electric utilities, EV and advanced battery manufacturers and consumers.  He has been interviewed by NBC, Voice of America and Fox Business News, and has appeared on National Public Radio’s Diane Rehm Show. He recently testified at a Capitol Hill energy briefing on behalf of IEEE-USA.


Lorenzo Ross

Go2Politics Team Member


Lorenzo Ross, a Chicago resident, is an illustrator, writer and producer of comic books. He is fluent in several graphic design programs. He has created the website alternativecitycomics.com to display his artwork, web-comics and his graphic novel Complicated Hair. He also operates Psychic Unicorns, a “store” found on the renowned “Etsy” Website that sells his art, comics and novelty items. He believes that the Go2Politics Project is groundbreaking and could change the way that people view politics in this country. His major contributions include the design of logos and characters appearing in the graphic novel.


Eve Allen

Go2Politics Team Member


Eve Allen, a New Jersey native and current East Lansing, MI resident will be focusing on the marketing aspect of this project. Eve graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Minor in Psychology. She has experience working with nonprofit organizations and is skilled in using social media websites, blogging, writing web content, editing, event planning, and fundraising. Eve’s primary goal is to use social media and other digital media channels to communicate with the public and convey critical messages, specifically the importance of the younger generation being educated and aware of the happenings in politics.


Gale Rosen

Go2Politics Team Member


Gale Rosen, a native New Yorker who now resides in the East Lansing Michigan area, is a recovering Speech Pathologist. She has a BS in Communication Arts & Sciences from Queens College and an MS in Speech Pathology from Penn State University. She has expertise and experience in Human Resources, particularly in sourcing and recruiting, as well as health care administration and management.  She specializes in creative out of the box solutions and business process, product and program improvement. She is an adventuresome knitter and a timid kayaker.  As an avid reader, she enjoys editing and creative writing and believes that words can change how we think about the world.


Gary Farina

Go2Politics Team Member


Gary Farina brings expertise and innovation in project, quality and resource management.  A retired educator, Mr. Farina brings over 25 years of educational administrative experience spending six years as Dean of the Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southwest.  Prior to his assignment as Dean, Mr. Farina served as the Director of Quality Planning and aligned curriculum/school reform efforts with quality practices.  This model registered 6 school sites to ISO9000 and was the only regional education system meeting these standards in North America.  In addition to academic and technical curriculum, Mr. Farina championed the application of innovative problem solving methodologies and technologies for high school students through the integration of ITRIZ into the curriculum.


Dominic Natoli

Go2Politics Team Member and Web Devolper


Dominic Natoli, born in Canton Ohio, lives in the Lansing Michigan area, works mainly on web and video development. He has graduated form New Covenant Christian High School, and going to Lansing Community College then will transfer to College for Creative Studies in Detroit and will major in Video Production. He has particpated in many media camps, political camps and seminars.      

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