Welcome to Presidential Primary Predictions and the Wisdom of Crowds, aka "Political Poll Dancing"

We believe in the power of people to make good decisions. The collective mind power of a large group of people often will outperform the individual mind of the “expert." Believe it or not, there is scientific theory and data to prove this point. As a participant on this site, you will be asked “Who will be the Presidential candidates in 2016 for the major parties?


Cast your vote along with the thousands of others answering the same question. Then you will see for yourself the powerful predictive ability of "Crowd Wisdom." (If you would like to learn more about Crowd Wisdom, try "The Wisdom of Crowds" by John Surowiecki, first published in 2004.)


Perhaps you may want to see how well you can predict the candidates in the primary elections. Your performance will be registered and compared with the rest of the crowd. Once we aggregate the answers, the top 5 predictive performers will have their names, and if they wish, pictures, posted on this site on a regular basis. 


Come August 2016 each party would have chosen a canadete for the general election and each of those canadetes would be listed here


Please check back, since the list of candidates will be changing and you will then have the opportunity to vote again.

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