The Future



We have lots of things in store for future items, functions and features for our website and the related products and services. Here is a glimpse of what is on the drawing board and under current development:




The Book, Graphic Novel and Movie:
To understand the link between the integrated products of the website, game, novel, and movie, you need to be aware of the story that is its foundation. Go2Politics ™ story takes place in the near future where subtle escalating inequalities of access to resources, new technologies and standards of living result in massive discontent with American government and the political process.
The story begins with a coffee shop gathering of a small group of friends, each in their own way frustrated with the political system, who come together despite diverse agendas, inadvertently redefining the political landscape. The story unfolds with the creation of a captivating website and a hugely popular multi-player game that can be experienced in many different ways.
Players of all ages and varied viewpoints join the experience, selecting and engaging in different roles, thereby building the political structure of the future. This action/fantasy game environment unexpectedly equips the players with the tools, information and experiences necessary to actively join in the real world political process. The game and website inspire them to seize the opportunity to make a difference, resulting in profound changes to the American and geo-political system.

And you can be a part of it with possibilities of awesome benefit to you!!  



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